Couture Couture!!!

Now there is an alternative to styling that is eco friendly. Put aside styling with gas guzzling textiles and inhumane animal products and look into the future of fashion. CORN, renewable, biodegradable and not to mention a healthy snack. Corn has been sought out over the decades as a possible replacement for fueling the cars of the nation, although some advancement have been made towards this effort the world has yet to see a transformation. However the textile industry has taken the risk factor of creating textiles to the eviroment into cosideration and is now looking to corn as a new natural and renewable source of creating textile.

Among cotton, linen, silk, and animal fur corn may be the next contribution to the natural fiber pool. Dupont Sorona has been successful in creating a renewable sourced polymer for fabric out of corn. Dupont is now creating textiles out of corn for active wear, swimwear, and lingerie. Corn textile yeilds high performance in stretch and recovery, easy care, fade resistant, and true vibrant colors.


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